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Welcome to my web site. I have been struggling with this “welcome” for a while now. I wanted to say something keen and all clever like. Maybe a little thing about how i hope you enjoy the site, and the art, and would think about commissioning a piece, or hosting an exhibit, or buying something to hang over your sofa…but not match it. Maybe i would write something insightful about how i want to use my art for the good and encouragement of my fellow humans, or the exhortation of downfallen spirits in the battle that we call life. Then i thought that it really should be humorous, as a reflection of my attitude towards life and all of it’s complexities. A knock-knock joke… perhaps not. How about a great quote about our sensitivities as artists and how, to us, “a touch is a blow and a whisper a scream and failure equals death” from Pearl S. Buck, but that might be long and drawn out and possibly not understood. So how do i roll all that into one great intro to an electronic display of my artwork?

You can’t.
Hi, welcome to my website, hope you enjoy it.
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